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Virtual events and conferences

Virtual events and conferences

A stage to inspire a global audience

Want to promote your brand or a new product to a worldwide audience? Want to share business insights with colleagues who are abroad? A virtual event or conference provides numerous opportunities for B2B companies, even long after the date of the event itself.

It facilitates interaction with potential clients & prospects more efficiently than face-to-face contacts, its information remains available online, and it provides B2B brands with essential marketing & sales data. A virtual event or conference is the perfect tool to keep your business going and growing 24/7!

Global presence & cost-saving

For B2B companies, it’s important to exhibit at trade shows and organise product events regularly. The wide exposure and high visibility cannot be underestimated. Unfortunately, neither can the costs. Travel expenses, overnight accommodation for the attending staff, the design and production of a booth, collaterals, … the list of costs can be long. Virtual events and conferences put this downside out of play – for you, as well as for your customers – as they can simply be attended from anywhere, at any time.

Competitive edge

Hosted in a custom-made, attractive 3D setting, virtual events leave a big impression on visitors. A virtual event allows you to showcase your products – including features that are difficult to show physically – or host webinars about relevant topics that can still be watched on demand when the event is over. As the 3D platform can stay online for as long as you decide, it can also be reused as a basis for another occasion, resulting in a high return on investment for B2B companies.

Any type of content

Virtual events don’t have the same physical restraints as a real-life conference or tradeshow. And we can help you take advantage of that. Virtual events can include every type of (interactive) content, such as 360° product views, videos and webinar sessions on relevant company and business-related topics, case studies, downloadable material and much more. The info can be customised when necessary to target a specific audience or to communicate on a particular theme.

Random or guided tour

As an organiser, you can choose to give your visitors the freedom to explore the event on their own, or you can opt for a guided tour. In case of the latter, visitors follow a predefined timetable and programme.

Chat function & visitor data

In addition to all the above, virtual events and conferences can include a chat function enabling direct communication between your sales team and visitors of the event. The organisers can also obtain accurate data on visitor numbers, where visitors come from, the products and areas that attract the most attention, and an outline of all chat conversations. Such information is extremely valuable for B2B companies for their marketing and sales strategies.

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