Unilin virtual sales conference

A gamified virtual conference? Yes please!


Share insights, align on business strategies and have serious fun!

Unilin is a world player in the flooring industry. In socially distanced times, they wanted to bring together the sales force of their PERGO brand to share the latest product information and novelties and align on business strategies and sales forecasting. To achieve this, they needed a tailor-made virtual solution.


The challenge

To organise a virtual event that conveys the typical PERGO unity of a physical event, keeps team spirit high and makes sure visitors are consciously engaging during the time of the event.

The approach

We created a custom virtual platform: “the PERGO house”. Visitors were guided through this virtual environment. The different rooms of the house, we decorated with Unilin’s new floor lines and related accessories. Pop-up windows presented information about each product in an interactive way. A guided agenda and timetable took visitors through several video sessions where the product and brand managers explained more about the new products, R&D, and the brand positioning.


A guided agenda and gamification for higher management


Two games keep the conference fun & interactive

During the virtual conference, visitors participated in two quiz rounds. The “Pergo Games” had two goals. First and foremost, to keep it fun. Visitors could compete against their colleagues, even though they didn’t see each other. Secondly, the salespeople could “test” their knowledge of what they had just learned, ensuring attention during the video sessions.

The timetable included two coffee breaks during which the sales team had plenty of opportunities to explore the PERGO house, explore the product and technologies themselves, chat informally using the chat box or replay presentations if they wanted a second look. The platform also provided other relevant company and product information in the most appropriate format.

“The response was very positive from both visitors and management. It didn’t even feel like there was a big distance between the participants. We see this as an opportunity to set up more digital events in the future.”


Marketing Coordinator at Unilin