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A user-friendly website needs constant maintenance


It starts with a good structure, and then it never stops

Milliken & Company is an industrial manufacturer active since 1865 in a wide range of disciplines including specialty chemicals, floor coverings, performance and protective textile materials, and healthcare. It combines scientific, technical, and creative insights to enhance the things that people use and encounter in their daily lives. To match the fast-evolving needs of customers and prospects, their Chemical Business division needed a new public website that would make it easy for visitors to find information and stay in touch at any time – even on the go!

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The challenge

To create and develop a user-friendly, customer-centric website with an appealing
design that is mobile compatible.

The approach

Visitor analysis taught us that most users of the Chemical website were looking
for a product. Therefore, we focused on creating an easy-to-use structure and an
intuitive navigation that leads people to relevant product information in just a few

The new Chemical website presents an attractive and modern look & feel that stands out against the websites of other companies in the chemical industry. The website can be viewed on desktop and smartphone and features a blog
section and social media links to create visitor engagement. Next to the UX (user experience) design and development of the website, we assist the Chemical marketing team with adding new content, sending out a newsletter with relevant website topics to generate traffic, and reporting about visitor statistics and trends.


All-in service: design, development,
hosting and reporting

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Analyse data for an optimised customer journey

The Chemical website incorporates numerous tracking and analysis functionalities. We help the client with monitoring closely how many visitors the website attracts, which countries they come from, how many pages they view and for how long, which external channels are referring users to the website, and how this is benchmarked against the industry.

We analyse all this data in detail and formulate recommendations on how the customer journey can be improved even further. This way, the Chemical marketing and sales teams are well equipped to capture new leads and keep maximising the value of the website for their business.

“A website requires continuous attention. For us, it doesn’t stop on the ‘go-live’ date”


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