Atlas Copco digital brochures

Interactivity made easy!


An intuitive CMS for creating digital brochures

The Oil-free Air division of Atlas Copco Airpower was looking for a cost-efficient way to create, maintain and distribute product brochures. Being an A brand, Atlas Copco wanted to make the switch from their analogue brochures to more dynamic and interactive digital ones.

The challenge

To develop an easy-to-use platform that enables Atlas Copco to create, maintain, translate and distribute product brochures both digitally and physically.

The approach

Applying a user-friendly content management system, we created the possibility to compose interactive digital product brochures based on a set of predefined page templates. Once created, the brochures can be previewed, updated and translated easily from the CMS. The final output is pushed to AC’s website and its Showpad – the sales enablement platform that is used by their sales team – and a printable PDF is generated by the simplest touch of a button.


Multiple output at the touch of a button

Different types of interactive content

The page templates cover different topics such as product features and benefits, applications, industries and markets, technical specifications and practical (ordering) information. Some brochures even contain a 360° rotating product view created in 3D, highlighting the most important parts of the machines.

AC’s marketing communication team and product managers can fill in the required content for each template. The graphic design is then automatically generated, following Atlas Copco’s corporate guidelines.