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Raise customer satisfaction with a product configurator

The decision-making process has become predominantly autonomous. Buyers, both B2B and B2C, have much information available in their search for the right product, which enables them to take the initiative in their own hands. So why not give their autonomy a little extra ammunition?

With a 3D product configurator, you give your buyers – and your sellers – a straightforward and satisfactory path towards buying – and selling – the right product.

What is a product configurator?

A product configurator lets customers create their ideal set-up of your product by choosing from and combining all the available options and features. Using 3D virtualisation, each physical option or feature can be added or deleted using live rendering. The result is a visual preview of what your product would look like.

A product configurator is typically used online, for example on websites or in digital brochures, but it can also be used in (physical) showrooms, during sales conversations and more.

Interactivity means engagement

There isn’t a more interactive tool than a product configurator. You put the control completely in the hands of the buyer who can configure the product until the finest detail. In doing so, it raises buyer engagement: Try not to buy a product after you have just made it completely perfect for your needs and wishes.

A product configurator is also a big source of information. It shows what is important to buyers, and knowing that is of course very valuable. It gives your salespeople the tools to make their sales conversations more effective, it gives your marketeers the knowledge to select topics for their content campaigns, etc.

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Trust and satisfaction

Rather than simply checking some boxes and hoping for the best, a 3D product configurator gives buyers an accurate visual representation of their chosen features before placing an order or requesting a quote.

Even more so, buyers will be able to only configure product combinations that are feasible. A good configurator knows when a certain feature is only available in combination with another or if a certain combination isn’t possible at all. It will automatically notify the customer and – if necessary –add the missing feature.

This process is called ‘guided selling’. It entices trust in the choices made, and it avoids the disappointment of a salesperson having to tell you that your choice isn’t feasible after you have sent your configuration. In return, customer satisfaction will be high.

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