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Social media calendar & content creation

Social media calendar & content creation

Consistency and expertise are key

How regularly do you update your social media channels? For B2B social media marketing, the main question is not ‘How often do you post’, but ‘how consistently do you post’. Publishing social media content on a regular basis gives your brand valuable exposure and raises brand awareness amongst your target audience, thus increasing your chances of generating leads. Social media have evolved to a standard and essential component of a successful B2B sales toolkit and their impact on business growth cannot be overestimated.

Expertise leads to exposure

With our expertise we can help you to create and maintain a balanced social media content calendar. This enables you to give your audience a good mix of target specific and attractive content which translates USP’s and benefits into relevant and eye-catching posts that show your expertise, as well as maximise views, likes and shares.

We thoroughly analyse our client’s market and target audiences and use this as a basis to create an attractive communication mix with varied, relevant topics and post types. We also advise on subjects that should acquire more attention and could be boosted or advertised. We research not only the products and services involved, but also what it takes to encourage viewers belonging to the target audience, so that we can design and tailor our content specifically to their needs.

Once the communication mix is moulded into a content calendar, we glue it to our desk and use it as our guide for your social media updates.

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Keep your brand trending

Perhaps the biggest challenge of social media as a B2B marketing tool is the speed at which it evolves. What’s trending today may well be out of date by tomorrow. This means that accurate follow-up is key for a successful campaign.

Once a post is live, we monitor the response to it and look out for opportunities to maximise its effect with extra tweaks or edits. We summarise our findings and recommendations in clear, comprehensive follow-up reports for our clients.

All our social media campaigns are dynamic and flexible to integrate recent and ‘hot’ topics and to adapt to changing visitor statistics and new circumstances and opportunities.

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