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Sales processes – B2B as well as B2C – are digitalising at high speed. Physical customer visits are being replaced by remote and online selling as customers are looking for product information and sales points on the world wide web. In this digital first sales environment, creating a virtual showroom can help your brand stand out from the crowd!

What is a virtual showroom?

Think of a typical showroom: A site or building where companies showcase their products, services, and skills to potential customers, who can wonder around and look at everything in full detail. Now imagine this concept in a virtual world, created with 3D visuals. Instead of walking around, customers can visit the showroom online and use arrows or their mouse to “glide” around and check out every product in detail. And the best part? A virtual showroom is open 24/7 and available from anywhere!

Why opt for a virtual showroom?

A virtual showroom can be as big, or small, as you need it to be, and it can showcase as many products as you want without having to compromise on anything. The physical restraints you would have in a physical showroom are simply non-existent in a virtual environment. Need an extra room? We’ll create it. Need a specific corner in a different layout? Consider it done, just like that.


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No limits

The lack of limits extends to time and location. Because a virtual showroom exists online – as part of a website, or as a standalone concept – it’s never “closed”. It can be visited by anyone, from anywhere on any time of the day. Do you have customers in multiple countries, speaking different languages? That’s no problem. We can set up different language versions for you.

High interactivity, high engagement

Visitors can navigate through a virtual showroom how they choose. They are able to “walk” around in the 3D environment, going by the products one by one, or they can choose to “jump” directly to a specific section or product. This gives them a freedom that neither physical showrooms, nor company websites can offer.

To engage the visitor, integrate videos and animations on product detail pages, show 360° product images, or why not link to a configurator?

Integrate contact buttons to give visitors a chance to ask questions, leave their contact details, request a quotation and more.

Easy content management

A virtual showroom can be linked to PIM and CMS systems, so the content in your showroom will always be fully up to date. Automatically and down to the smallest detail.

Visitor statistics

In a virtual showroom, visitor statistics can be tracked. Giving you the chance to find out which topics received their attention. This is a big advantage compared to a physical showroom, where it’s very difficult to track which products someone finds interesting unless they specifically tell you. Visitor analytics give you the opportunity to tailor the follow-up conversations with leads and prospects. This improves the chance of a good customer experience and, thus, a sale.

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