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Corporate branding

Corporate branding

Your handshake with shareholders

Branding is an important tool to convey your corporate identity. The most prominent items of branding are of course your company’s name and logo. But branding is much more than that. It’s the way you present yourself, your vision, and your values to the world.

Why is branding important?

Good branding conveys not just who you are, but why you do what you do. It communicates your raison d’être. It gives your stakeholders a look into what you stand for: your vision and values. Branding helps stakeholders to identify themselves with your company. It strengthens the connection they feel with you and your products.

What’s your identity? Let’s find out together.

Good branding should be “simple”

“A good brand can be summarized on nothing more than a beermat”. In his book Hero brands, author and marketeer Guillaume Van der Stighelen describes that a good brand should be immediately recognizable. According to his approach a brand is built with no more than 4 building blocks: a Name, a Game, a Claim and Fame.

To explain we’ll use the most world’s most well-known example. Nike (Name) sells sports clothing and helps sporters achieve their goals (Game). Everybody knows their headline (Claim) “Just Do It”, as well as their iconic Swoosh logo (Fame).

Need a drink? We’ll get you a beermat.

How can we help?

The exercise above can be conducted for every brand and product (line). We have ample experience in branding exercises for a variety of customers. We pride ourselves in diving deep into your company, so that we fully understand who you are. We’ll help you with copywriting a manifesto that explains what you stand for. This manifesto is then used as the basis for logo design, naming and headline proposals.

This way, your branding is consistent, which helps you to communicate about yourself in a consistent way. A uniform message will help customers and other stakeholders to easily understand who you are and what your values are.

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