Firestone Rubbercover rebranding

No trouble: the holy grail for your customer


A rebranding exercise supported by powerful imagery

Firestone Building Products is part of Bridgestone Corporation, the world’s largest tire and rubber company. Firestone has become a global leading manufacturer of rubber based roofing and lining systems for a wide variety of applications. RubberCover is its main solution within residential roofing systems.


The challenge

To create a completely new branding for RubberCover, in order to establish Firestone’s main product as the best choice in the market.

The approach

The rebranding exercise started out with defining the target audience: in this case the professional installer, the homeowner being a secondary target. Key benefits were ease of application, durability, and premium quality. These product qualities brought us to the following concept for the rebranding: No trouble! The main message that was spread throughout the complete communication mix was ‘RubberCover is trouble-free’.


Support the message with speaking images

Strong imagery and a set of marketing tools

To support the RubberCover rebranding campaign, we organised and conducted a photo shoot which resulted in powerful imagery that was used in all communication tools. The imagery served as building blocks with which we created a full set of marketing material ranging from a product brochure and flyer to promotional POS material such as a pocket guide, banners, and a countertop display.