Recticel NV ‘Simply Safe’ campaign

Changing behaviour through clear communication


Simply Safe: ensuring an accident-free workplace

To stand out as an accident-free global workplace, Recticel organised its first Global Safety Day in 2018. The company wanted a lasting concept for this event that had the purpose to be held every year since then.

The challenge

To develop a clear umbrella concept, able to withstand time, for Recticel’s yearly Global Safety Day and for the company’s global efforts to ensure a safe working environment every day.

The approach

We created the concept “Simply Safe” because doing things safely is the only way to do them, simple as that! The concept’s main purpose was to change attitudes forever to guarantee a safe working environment: whenever someone notices a hazard, he or she should Stop (the unsafe activity), Think (about possible risks and how they can be avoided) and Act (to eliminate all risks).

Clear Safety Principles and Safety Rules in all sites

The Simply Safe initiative was rolled out across all business lines. Together with Recticel, we simplified their safety rules, getting rid of inconsistencies and making practices easier for everyone to understand. The result was a clear framework of Golden Safety Principles and Golden Safety Rules, which were translated in 15 languages and are displayed on posters at all Recticel sites.


A personal message that changes bad habits


Its my choice

The first Simply Safe campaigns focused on explaining the safety rules and principles and making people aware of the fact that doing things safely does not require any additional efforts. The 2021 campaign makes use of Recticel employee testimonials. These personal messages show that it’s easy to work safely and that it’s a personal choice to do things right. The Recticel safety ambassadors shown on the posters make the story recognisable – it’s a direct appeal to their colleagues!