We produce for you

We produce for you

Our experts get busy designing, typesetting, developing, testing and delivering your new tools for communication, promotion or training.

2D & 3D animations

Animations are a valuable and cost-effective way of communicating a complex message. Using 2D and 3D imagery, we build powerful animations that are used for numerous purposes, from company websites and social media to internal training tools.

For more than 15 years, Vintage has focused intensively on staying ahead of current and future trends in 3D virtualisation.

Our 3D team is fully dedicated to virtualising and animating our clients’ products in the right settings to showcase their benefits and features.


Promotional videos, corporate movies, storytelling, explaining… videos are among the most compelling and popular ways to communicate to a wide range of audiences.

We combine 2D and 3D imagery, powerful texts and voice-overs to produce professional, memorable videos that reinforce your overall strategy and branding.

Interactive tools

We recommend  integrating as much interactivity as possible to involve your audience, reinforce your message and create conversation. Our most recent virtual fairs, shows and conferences allow customers to walk around products and screens, watch presentations and videos, access further information and join in chats.

As a first step, why not offer your customers a configurator or calculator app? Or consider using an iBrochure or iPresentation to promote your next innovation?

Showpad applications

Showpad is a comprehensive revenue enablement technology. It provides customer-facing teams with the skills, knowledge, content and tools to have differentiating, impactful conversations with customers.

Vintage is a certified and award-winning Showpad Solution Partner. We have been providing international clients with Showpad-compatible content for many years. Our creations include launch presentations, 360° view apps, calculators, VR apps, digital brochures and Showpad Experience apps integrating virtual stores and cityscapes.


Your website is your brand’s showcase. We make sure it is not just visually attractive but also engaging for your visitors. Our UI (user interface) and UX (user  experience) specialists design the best flow to guide your customers towards a purchase and to encourage repeat visits.

After it is launched, we treat your website as an ongoing project, tracking visitor statistics, gauging the success of each page, reporting back to you and discussing opportunities for optimisation.

Milliken Chemical - Corporate Website


Amplify your knowledge. Simplify your training.

Designed and developed by Vintage, Amplifier is a training platform that makes even the most technical topics easy to understand. It is simple to maintain, self-explanatory for training managers and learners and can be customised with your brand logo and colours

Amplifier supports any type of content, from 3D animations to virtual reality, alongside videos, webinars and classroom training. It is fully optimised for use on a tablet, laptop or smartphone and caters for different learning styles and paces.

NIKO - eLearning

Promotional tools

Good visuals are vital to highlight your brand and make sure you stand out from the crowd at trade fairs and conferences. We create promotional materials that reflect your corporate identity and communicate the essence of your products and services.

To communicate the right message, it is important that the visual and text elements of your promotional materials are correctly integrated.

Our designers and copywriters work together to create materials that are targeted to your audience as well as the occasion and application.

Recticel Engineered Foams - Booth Design

Printed materials

For most of our customers, product and corporate brochures, flyers, advertisements, stationery and other printed materials are an essential part of an integrated communication strategy.

From design to production and delivery, we assist you in making offline tools available for your customers and salespeople whenever and wherever they need them.

We also ensure that your printed tools reflect the overall communication strategy and are perfectly integrated with your online tools.

Omron Electronic Components - Sample Box

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