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Easily explain complicated matters

You are launching a new product and want to give it the spotlight it deserves? Your product has a technical (or technological) USP which is more easily shown than explained? You are looking for an eye-catching product movie without the logistics of filming in a studio? In all these cases an animation is your answer.

What is a (3D or 2D) animation?

An animation is a video created with 3D (or 2D) imagery. It can showcase your product in a commercial way or explain it in a technical way. Or a combination of both. Animations give a lot of freedom when it comes to storyboards and visualisation possibilities.

Show, don’t tell

Product animations make it easier to show and explain complex product features in a clear and understandable way. From 360° views going around the product and exploded views showing how a product is built, to x-ray shots showing the inside of a product and wireframed flows to show how it works, the options that 3D animations offer are limitless.

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Commercial animations

Commercial, or launch, animations are the best kickstart to product or brand campaigns. It introduces your product or brand, as well as the main concept and headline of the campaign in such a way it will create impact and long-lasting value among the target audience. A launch animation has multiple output options. Snippets can be easily recycled throughout the campaign in social media posts, for example.

360° product animations

A 360° product animation shows the product from all angles. Either the product is turned around, or the camera is moved around the product. During this movement hotspots are highlighted which show specific product benefits and features.

Exploded view & buildup animations

In an exploded view and buildup animation, a product is completely pulled apart and then built back up again piece by piece. During such animations pauses can be implemented to highlight certain technical aspects. Such animations end with a hero view of the product.

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