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Corporate video

Corporate video

Communicate your brand story clearly and confidently

Visibility is very important if you want to raise brand awareness among your target audience. But simply putting yourself out there is not enough… It is key to clearly communicate what your company does, and what it stands for.

A corporate video can help you do this. And it does so visually, which is becoming ever more important in a digital first B2B marketing environment.

Communicate your story

Corporate videos are an ideal tool for branding purposes. A clear brand positions you in the market and separates you from competitors. It allows you to answer the question “why?” you do what you do. And it is this “why” that makes customers connect with your brand. A corporate video can help you capture this message and convey it to stakeholders.

Modern corporate videos step away from the outdated ‘tour through the company’. These older types of videos give a great impression of what a company looks like, maybe even of who works there, but they don’t convey a company’s story. Nowadays, shots on location are often combined with 3D to make the corporate story more visually appealing, making sure that the message gets across.

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Gain visibility

A corporate video helps to increase your company’s visibility. Videos generate more engagement than any other communication tool when shared on social media or other platforms. Use short snippets to highlight specific parts and elaborate on them in blogs, customer cases, etc. That way, a corporate video can form the basis of a complete content campaign.

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