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Convince customers with an offer they can’t refuse

When it comes to B2B sales arguments, cost and time savings are hard to resist. For many decision-makers, they are a decisive argument. The ability to produce a clear overview of these savings is an extremely strong asset for your salespeople. A custom-built calculator allows them to show customers how much they could save by investing in your products.

Actual figures as your biggest argument

In a highly competitive B2B environment, companies are constantly monitoring and re-evaluating their expenses and productivity to identify opportunities to maintain and increase their profits. Before investing in a new product or service, decision-makers need to have a clear picture of how the purchase will help them to save time and money.

Claiming that your product or service will create a high return on investment without evidence to back it up, will not be very compelling to a customer. Offering your clients a tool that allows them to calculate the real return they can expect if they apply your product or service within their own specific working environment will leave a big and long lasting impression. As well as showcasing the value of your offering, a calculator enhances sales conversations and builds trust and confidence in your brand.

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A realistic simulation in just a few clicks

We can help you develop a customised and user-friendly savings calculator! In just a few clicks, users can describe their situation based on pre-defined options, select their preferred products or services and learn about potential savings. The calculation is based on performance tables which we receive from you. In just a few steps, users can have their simulation sent by e-mail or they can download it as a PDF file.

A savings calculator is a versatile sales tool that can be set up as a web tool or standalone application and it can be easily integrated with numerous sales platforms.

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