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Annual reports

Annual reports

Build brand reputation

Every year, publicly listed companies must present their financial results in an annual report. These reports give investors – both current and future – a detailed view on the financial health of the company they have invested in.

What is an annual report?

On the one hand, the annual report describes the financial results of the previous year. It contains detailed numbers and figures, as well as some guiding words from the CEO and several board members. In the past, the financial report was the most important – if not the only – part of the annual report.

In recent years however, annual reports have become more than merely numbers and figures. Companies are starting to provide their stakeholders with so called “integrated reports”, in which they combine financial information with last year’s highlights, the company’s take on ESG and its vision on the future.

Why create an integrated report?

The days where good financial results were enough to attract new investors are behind us. Your brand’s reputation has become equally important for investors, as a good reputation attracts more buying customers, and a bad reputation will drive them away. An integrated report gives you the chance to communicate a vision to stakeholders, what you as a company stand for. It allows to speak not only of the past year, but also of the road ahead.

Humanise your corporation

A good integrated report gives a company a human side. It gives stakeholders a chance to put a face to a corporation. To achieve this, storytelling is key. What does the company stand for? What are the achievements of its workforce, what are its ESG goals and how does the company’s vision help to achieve them. Storytelling provides an answer to the question “Who” you are, not “What”.

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Fine feathers make fine birds

With content becoming livelier and more human, the visualisation of annual reports is following the trend. Gone are the days of plain text and colourless tables on a white background. Current integrated reports use images of projects, workers, customers and more to support their story. We can help you with visualising both your story and your numbers, always making sure that your company’s CI guidelines are being followed.

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The medium is the message

Many companies still stick to a printed version of their annual report, sometimes “digitalised” with a pdf version that may or may not be “interactive”. But why not take it a step further? Why not create a mini segment site that covers your annual report?

It significantly increases the interactivity, and in many cases the readability because of web-optimised, fragmented copy. Choosing for a web-based platform improves user experience and thus, brand image.

You could even go as far as partially tailoring content to specific reader types. Vintage will guide you in setting up the segment site and tailoring your web-proof content to your specific audiences.

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