Ricoh certificate movie

A good cartoon explains it all


Clarifying and attention-grabbing

Ricoh Europe is a multinational company offering office equipment, digital services, and printing solutions. Ricoh was looking for way to put their certificate enrolment service in the spotlight.

The challenge

To showcase one of Ricoh Europe’s dedicated customer services in a way that grabs the attention and clearly explains how the service works.

The approach

We created an attention-grabbing animation that, as a start, explains that certificates are vital to secure the operation of office devices. The main message highlights that Ricoh Europe offers to take care of the yearly required renewal of these certificates, so companies can rely on a continuously secured working process, while they can fully focus on their business activity. Its cartoon style made the animation stand out on the communication channels it was published on.


It starts with a good storyboard


The right storyboard, a good animation and fitting music

The cartoon was an opportunity for us to show our experience with composing the right storyboard for any topic and our capabilities in animation. And with the addition of a well-chosen piece of music, we offer clients a state-of-the-art communication tool that attracts attention and has the potential to get lots of response, online and in many other ways.