FAM 3D product virtualisation

Beautiful product photograph? Think again!


Photorealistic renders and 3D animations

FAM focusses on the development of industrial cutting machines for the food industry. As their product photography demanded a huge amount of time and effort from many employees, they were looking for a more cost efficient alternative.


The challenge

To create product images, without organizing a costly – products would have to be produced without any viable sales opportunity – and time-consuming photo shoot. To make sure the result has the same – or an even better – quality as real photos.

The approach

Starting from technical 3D files from the client, we created a virtual copy of FAM’s machines that 100% match the real-life models. The result are photorealistic images that you can hardly distinguish from “real” pictures. Having the products in 3D, we will also build a fitting environment to showcase the machines in their actual setting. Furthermore, there are plans to create 3D animations that demonstrate the products’ processes when in operation.


Higher cost efficiency,
less hassle

An unlimited shooting list

3D product virtualisation proofs to be a cost-efficient solution that offers many advantages to B2B companies. You save on transport costs because it’s not necessary to put actual products in a photo studio, you can render images from all angles and views, and you are no longer heavily dependent on a correct and complete shooting list. Have you forgotten a particular shot? It can be created ‘à la minute’ without any practical limitations.