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Win attention and customers with strong, consistent visualisation

June 5, 2023

Were you drawn to this article by the image? If so, you are not alone. For most web users, it is the design, video or image that creates that all-important first impression. As well as catching the eye, it can communicate a powerful, unified and simplified message. This is particularly valuable in B2B marketing and sales where the underlying story may be complex or technical. Vintage has a highly skilled team of graphic artists who are dedicated to creating attractive designs, selecting the perfect images and enhancing videos with the right visual and musical touches to trigger engagement.


In marketing communication, images and movies are not just there to fill a space. Visual elements – from pictures and videos to infographics – have the potential to grab attention faster and create higher impact than plain words. Visual content is processed faster by the human brain and is more easily remembered. Compelling imagery or videos will entice people to stop, read further or watch the entire movie, and come back later.


This has particular relevance for B2B marketing, where communication is typically associated with factual information and cold, technical data. In this environment, personal visuals can create an emotional connection and help to tell your story in a more effective way. When customers see images or watch videos of real people using your products, it is easier for them to imagine themselves doing the same thing. Similarly, when they see pictures of your employees, your team becomes a collective of individual personalities, giving your company a human face. Creating strong visual representation and a consistent image will communicate what your brand is about, enhance relationships and encourage customers to engage with your business more frequently.


At Vintage, well thought-out visualisation is an essential part of the messaging we create for our clients. “When we brainstorm about a concept, I’m always thinking in graphical terms to see which visualisation best matches it,” says Creative Director Gunther Thienpont. “That’s a vital process since an appealing design or well selected picture can tell a sales story by itself. It’s also why we sometimes shoot our concept images ourselves, so they have the perfect setting and mood. Besides the right picture, we create an attractive visual style and identity for our clients. Then we apply all of this consistently throughout the brand’s communication. Whether it’s a brochure, a website or a sales app, we create designs that are appropriate for the medium and that always respect the client’s corporate identity and campaign concept. Integrated messaging is the hallmark of all the communications we create for our clients.”

The paperclip visual that we use as part of our new Vintage branding is a perfect example. “Everybody recognises the paperclip as something that simplifies communication,” says Gunther Thienpont. “It holds everything together. In the same way, we create structured, consistent, simple and complete sales stories for our clients.”

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