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Virtual tools, social media and customisation: predictions for B2B communications in 2022

May 2, 2023

While we may have seen the beginning of a gradual return to normality in 2021, there is still a long way to go. The past twelve months have proven once again that online communication tools and social media are essential in B2B marketing. They are also more efficient and effective than ever before. Long before the corona pandemic, Vintage CEO Claudia Voss was already advising companies to go digital. Today, with no clear picture of what the ‘new normal’ will look like, her advice is more relevant than ever.


At the start of 2022, Claudia Voss is looking to the future of B2B communications but also thinking back over the past year. “I am very proud of what Vintage achieved in 2021,” she says. “As circumstances changed, the team adjusted rapidly to each new situation and re-focused on their daily jobs with the strongest commitment. We have been always fully operational and available to deliver the high-quality service and products that our clients expect from us. And with nice results! We have enhanced our portfolio with many state-of-the-art projects that illustrate our wide range of capabilities.”


2021 was also the year in which Vintage turned 30. “For me, this was a moment of reflection,” Claudia continues. “It was the perfect occasion to refresh our identity and return to the core of what we stand for: making the complex simple. I’m very happy with our new corporate style, website and slogan. They perfectly encapsulate our way of working: no-nonsense, hands-on and pragmatic.”


So how does Vintage’s CEO see marketing communications developing over the next year? “Virtual tools and social media campaigns will become more and more important for B2B companies,” she tells us, “and one of their biggest advantages is the ability to provide customised content for different audiences.”


Virtual fairs

Physical trade shows and sales contacts are no longer completely off the agenda in 2022. However, recovery is slow with many companies and visitors hesitating to attend and restrictions still in force in some countries. Claudia: “Realistically, I think we are evolving towards a hybrid situation where a virtual event accompanies a physical one. Virtual fairs and showrooms have proven to be an efficient way to keep business going. They offer advantages that are necessary for an effective marketing and sales strategy, and which their physical counterparts will never have. These include the ability to customise information, target specific audiences, provide detailed visitor reporting and remain available 24/7, even after the event.”


Social media

The impact of social media is set to increase even further in 2022. Claudia: “Most B2B companies already include social media as part of their marketing approach. While LinkedIn and Facebook remain the most popular networks, visual platforms like Instagram and YouTube are increasingly attracting interest. At Vintage, we build a dedicated social media calendar for each client. This ensures a good balance of target-specific topics and attractive content on the most effective channels. Our social media campaigns go deeper, translating benefits into relevant and eye-catching posts that maximise views, likes and shares. With each campaign, we learn more about what it takes to stop viewers in their tracks and encourage them to engage with content.”


VR, AR and customisation

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality apps are another highly successful way to meet the increasing demand for customised content, and we expect these to become even more important in the coming months. Claudia explains why they are so effective: “This is the best way to demonstrate that a product or service is the right choice for a client. You can bring the product to your customer and allow them to view it in their building before they have even purchased it. Communication cannot be more customised and persuasive than that. A VR or AR app can give a B2B company a significant competitive edge, as well as creating a buzz that makes sure the product or band is remembered.”

Planning to take your communications to another level in 2022?