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E-mail as a sales and marketing tool: the best is yet to come!

July 3, 2023

The end of e-mail has been predicted a few times over the years. Yet it remains a daily communication tool for about three billion people around the world. Given its extraordinary reach, e-mail is not only an efficient means of distributing information, but also a powerful sales and marketing tool for B2B companies. And with new and expanded features and functionalities still being explored, it’s clear that e-mail has not yet reached its full potential.


Nowadays, practically everyone has at least one e-mail account. Surveys reveal that 99% of e-mail users check their inbox daily, with some checking it around 20 times a day.* While it may be annoying to receive a lot of automated, impersonal marketing e-mails in an already overloaded mailbox, there should be no doubt about the high impact and response rate that an appealing message can have. With figures confirming the potential and strength of e-mail as a sales and marketing tool, it is clear that B2B companies should include it as part of their digital strategy.


The overall purpose of sales and marketing e-mails is to capture recipients’ attention and entice them to click, discover and ultimately visit the brand’s website. E-mails offer a huge opportunity for B2B businesses to raise their profile, build a reputation and present new products and innovations to a global audience at a relatively low cost. At the same time, they can generate significant amounts of data that can be used for lead generation, monitoring, performance reporting, trend identification and many other purposes.


Direct and personalised communication

One of the most exciting advantages of e-mail is the potential it offers for customised communication. Companies can address their targets personally and connect with them directly. Experts predict further utilisation of this benefit with the integration of customer testimonials, interactive elements (e.g. image slideshows and questionnaires), contact options and improvements to readability.


At Vintage, we believe it is important for our clients to maintain direct and regular contact with their customers and prospects. We assist with the creation and distribution of e-mail newsletters, informative and promotional messages, teaser and launch communications for new brands and products and even customised greetings cards for special occasions. Our goal in all communications is to identify interesting and market-relevant topics and address them in concise, personalised messages. We maximise the appeal of e-mails with attractive images, videos, animations and, where possible, interactivity.


We also make the most of the considerable potential for customisation. Messages can be tailored depending on a user’s previous actions. For example, a recipient who has already clicked on a ‘save the date’ link for an event invitation will receive a different follow-up message than a recipient who didn’t. We can also tailor newsletter content based on an individual user’s behaviour on a company’s website or on specific product pages. And we firmly believe that these possibilities are just the tip of the iceberg!



Ready to explore the possibilities of e-mail for your next campaign?