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Keep your communication channels alive with regular, proactive updates

August 7, 2023

Filling your website, app or social media campaign with the right content is vital when creating a new tool or campaign. After the launch, it takes continuous attention to make sure your platform remains appealing and gives you the results you want. Vintage provides content management services for several clients. Our editorial team is experienced in maintaining various online tools, updating them regularly with fresh and relevant data in multiple languages. The goal is to make our clients the primary source of information for their target audience, reinforcing existing customer partnerships and helping to establish new ones.


B2B customers like to feel a connection with a brand before they purchase. Sharing relevant content on multiple channels is a great way to attract attention. Often, this content is the first interaction a prospect will have with your brand and it shows that you are willing to share valuable information and expertise with them. Rather than directly selling a product, you can provide answers to their daily questions and challenges. This encourages customers to explore your business and services and think about how you can add value for them. When potential customers have already interacted with your content, they are able to make informed decisions about whether they want to make a purchase or speak to a salesperson.


To achieve this ongoing interaction, it is essential to keep your communication channels alive by publishing updated content on a regular basis. This isn’t just because search engines punish websites that are not updated regularly. Keeping your data current and useful will increase your visibility and hold your visitors’ attention. It will differentiate your brand as go-to resource and encourage visitors to check in regularly.


Content creation and data input

At Vintage, we help our clients keep their website, social media channels and other content platforms up to date. Maintaining these channels with news articles, blog posts and updated company and product information is an important part of our service. It involves daily checks by our editorial team and notifications to the client when it’s time for an update.


We create the content (texts, images, videos, animations, etc.) and take care of data input and live publishing. Our editorial expertise spans several content management systems as well as other content formats such as JSON files. If a client already has a certain content system in place for their applications, we are happy to become experts in this as well! Our editors have the skills to confidently handle data in a wide range of languages.


We offer the same services for our clients’ social media channels, where we maintain a content calendar with updates spread over the full year. In an effective communication chain, social media updates are usually the starting point, sparking attention and serving as a call to action. They lead visitors to the company’s website which is of course updated with the same, constantly refreshed information.

Need assistance with maintaining the content on your communication channels?