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Upgrade your marketing strategy and sales processes with interactive content

September 4, 2023

The B2B sales journey is now a digital-first experience! The digitalisation process that began several years ago was accelerated by the pandemic and is definitely here to stay. As B2B buyers increasingly seek information online, we are seeing a high demand for interactive content that guides customers through every stage of the research and decision-making process. Companies have a huge opportunity to differentiate themselves by doing this well and Vintage has the experience and in-house expertise to help them.


Purchasers in today’s B2B environment are no longer passive recipients of sales talks and advice. They are active participants, often moving themselves through the sales process online. They proactively research the product or service they need on the web before getting in touch with a salesperson. This shift in mindset has intensified over the last couple of years and is now the preferred type of interaction for many buyers.


Naturally, a digital-first sales process affects a brand’s marketing strategy. To remain successful, B2B companies are modifying the way they market their brands, sell their products and keep their audiences engaged. A customer-centric approach is key. This means offering customers and prospects the fastest journey to the most recent information about products that can help them. By including interactive content in their communication mix, businesses can add value to that journey while also gathering useful marketing and sales data and collecting leads. Vintage was one of the pioneers in developing interactive tools that can be used as standalone applications or integrated into websites and other platforms, such as Showpad.


Interactive brochures

Interactive brochures are one of the most powerful and cost-efficient resources in contemporary B2B communication. Vintage has always been a leader in creating brochures in innovative digital formats, which can be provided immediately to any target audience with no logistical or transport requirements. We continually find new ways to enrich our client’s brochures with interactive methods of presenting information, allowing readers and sales teams to customise the data for a specific target group. Our brochures may contain videos, 3D animations, 360° rotating product views, calculators and configurators. Whatever the format or method, the goal is the same: to make it easy for customers to find the product or service that best meets their needs.


A configurator enables customers to compose their preferred solution by making changes, selecting attributes or adding options to a basic product model. They can then view their tailor-made solution, ensuring that the dimensions, performance and features are right for the intended environment and application. As well as giving the customer greater involvement in the ‘design’ and selection process, configurators accelerate sales by allowing purchasers to define their needs before getting in touch with a salesperson. Vintage was one of the first agencies to introduce product configurators in the B2B business. Our configurators feature photorealistic 3D elements, their interface is user-friendly and intuitive, the parts information and product specifications are clearly presented at every stage, and the selection process ends with a downloadable document of the configuration.



Simply claiming in a sales talk or product presentation that your product will create a high return on investment may not have much meaning for a customer. To stand out from competitors, it is well worth going a step further and offering your clients a tool that allows them to calculate the real return they can expect from the product or service if applied in their specific working environment. Vintage develops customised savings calculators for a wide range of product types in different B2B sectors. In just a few clicks, users can describe their situation based on pre-defined options, select their preferred products or services and learn about potential savings. As well as showcasing the value of your offering, a sales calculator is a good way to enhance sales conversations and build trust and confidence in your brand.

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