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Generating website traffic: it’s not just about clicks and shares!

October 2, 2023

There are many criteria for a good website or application. For Vintage, one of the most important is its success in attracting regular visits. This does not happen by accident. There are numerous ways to generate website traffic and they all require time and dedication. Tracking and analysis of visitor statistics and referrals to your website are also essential steps in your journey towards business growth. Performed on an ongoing basis, these activities give you vital insights into modifications that will keep attracting more visitors and new leads.


Visitor statistics

A successful website requires continuous attention. At Vintage, we support clients long after the ‘go-live’ date with close monitoring of visitor statistics. We do this at least once a month, sometimes even daily at the start of the project. Besides the number of visitors, we can track how many pages they view and for how long, where they come from (countries and regions) and what language they speak. We can use statistics to create a heatmap: a visual overview of the path users follow through the application, how they navigate and which sections or pages are visited most, or not at all. All of this allows us to suggest functional and content updates that will improve the user’s experience on the website, attract new visitors and keep them coming back.


Analysis of referrals

Another important element of visitor statistics is an overview of the external tools and social media channels that refer users to the website. Given the importance of these sources in driving traffic, close monitoring and analysis of this data is vital. In a previous blog article, we discussed how a well-designed social media campaign can boost website traffic. In addition to setting up campaigns from scratch and maintaining their content, we research referrals from ongoing campaigns to make necessary adjustments or advise on potential improvements. This may mean focusing on particular channels, posting different content or editing referral links, for example. Similarly, we investigate referrals from other external channels, such as the websites of company subsidiaries and trade magazines.


SEO activities

Search Engine Optimisation helps your website to rank among the top results in search engines. Using SEO to boost your sales numbers involves constant monitoring and updating of existing content and website features, as well as regular addition of new content over a long period. SEO is never a one-hit wonder and the work doesn’t stop once you have attained a place among the top results. Due to constantly evolving consumer behaviours, you need to continuously maintain your SEO efforts in order to stay relevant. At Vintage, we help our clients with every step of the SEO process, including both the technical and the content aspects. As well as making sure that HTML Markup is SEO compliant, we carry out keyword analysis and metadata research.

Clear recommendations

‘Making the complex simple’ is the driving force behind everything what we do at Vintage. For every type of analysis that we conduct, we compile the resulting data in a user-friendly overview, draw conclusions and come up with clear recommendations on how to attract more visitors and entice them to get in touch with a salesperson. We provide the results and recommendations in a comprehensive report, accompanied by a straightforward PowerPoint presentation summarising the main items and trends in infographics and animations, ready for our clients to use in internal presentations.

Would you like a detailed analysis of your website or application?