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Maintain a successful social media presence on multiple channels with eye-catching content and tailored posts

March 6, 2023

Social media is a central and fast-changing element in every successful B2B marketing strategy. Its impact is predicted to increase even more in 2022, as companies continue to adapt to market demands for digital channels and personalised content. At Vintage, we monitor and analyse our clients’ campaign statistics continuously, as every like and share could be a potential sales lead!


With recent surveys revealing that around 70% of B2B buyers prefer online interaction, it is clear that digital communication will continue to grow. Most B2B companies are already shifting into a ‘digital first’ approach to marketing, with a strong focus on social media. And they are expected to publish to a wider range of channels next year. While LinkedIn and Facebook are still the most popular and effective all-round networks, visual platforms like Instagram and YouTube are attracting more interest as they allow brands to address new audiences.


Researchers also predict that 2022 will be the year for short, digestible content, whether in video or written form. Attention spans are limited on social media and it is vital to engage people without boring them. Short-form, personalised posts – especially those including video – are on the rise. Social media platforms are more open to quick, fast-paced and customised content, and B2B companies are adapting accordingly.


Enticing scrollers and generating leads

Every social media campaign we design at Vintage is based on an effective social media calendar enabling our clients to ‘feed’ audiences a good balance of target-specific topics and attractive content on the most effective channels. Our social media campaigns go deeper, translating benefits into relevant and eye-catching posts that maximise views, likes and shares. This requires considerable expertise, not just on the product or topic involved, but also on how to design and tailor the most effective content for different platforms. With each campaign, we learn more about what it takes to stop viewers in their tracks and encourage them to engage with content. Every post includes a strong, clear call to action to generate leads and drive traffic to our clients’ websites.


Tailored content for specific audiences

Our ongoing campaign for VEKA, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Class A PVC window and door profiles, illustrates the success of a closely targeted approach. The campaign’s primary goals are to support VEKA’s Belgian sales team and to raise brand awareness in the highly competitive Belgian market. We set up Facebook and LinkedIn channels to attract attention with relevant posts and drive traffic to a microsite that we developed for VEKA Belgium.

To maintain presence and ensure that all channels are regularly updated with fresh posts, we compile and maintain a comprehensive content calendar for the full year. The content addresses VEKA’s main target groups: manufacturers, architects, and homeowners. We write advertorials and blog posts, extract short-form content relating to VEKA products, and create appropriate imagery, infographics and animations. All content is published to the relevant social media channels in Dutch and French. We monitor the response to posts as well as market developments so that the plan can be adapted if necessary. We are always ready to investigate and cover new topics in fresh formats depending on what is trending.

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