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Showcase your products & services with an attention-grabbing animation

April 4, 2022

Making the complex simple and presenting any subject or service in an appealing way; that’s the added value that Vintage offers to its clients. Video creation is one of the most successful ways to do this. We create any type of video with only 1 purpose in mind: To give our clients the spotlight they deserve, by demonstrating their products and services in a way that grabs everyone’s attention.

Video creation has been amongst Vintage’s list of services as of day 1 and we pioneered with the development of 3D animations for B2B marketing. As such, we have a wide variety of skills in our portfolio: video shooting, creation of photorealistic 3D, and creation of cartoon animations. With these animations, Vintage has set a trend, as their value has only grown. Videos and animations reach higher engagement levels than still images and studies reveal that users spend more and more time watching videos online.

The success is part of the tool. A well-crafted animation translates any subject – business and technical – in an attractive and understandable way for a wide audience. Considering its high attention-grabbing potential and the fact that it can be easily distributed via a multitude of channels, a video or animation proves to be a very cost-efficient and effective B2B communication tool.

A state-of-the-art animation for any topic

We have the experience to compose the right storyboard for any topic and to animate or video shoot it in the best possible way. And with the addition of a well-chosen piece of music, we offer our clients a state-of-the-art tool that attracts attention and has the potential to get lots of response, online and in many other ways.

A recent example is the animated cartoon that we created for Ricoh Europe to show their certificate enrolment service. To start, it explains that certificates are vital to secure the operation of your office devices. The main message highlights that Ricoh Europe offers to take care of the yearly required renewal of these certificates, so companies can rely on a continuously secured working process, while they can fully focus on their business activity. The cartoon is widely posted online.

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