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Increase your brand’s visibility in the new normal

March 7, 2022

The corona pandemic forced B2B companies to speed up their digitalisation and to increase their online presence. What started as a response to a crisis has now become the new normal and has affected how B2B marketers will work in the future. Following this pivotal moment, an attractive and user-friendly public website that ranks high in online search results is an even greater necessity for B2B companies than it ever was before. Vintage has the necessary expertise in-house to help our clients with creating such a website.

Several recent studies show that the changes in the behaviour of the B2B consumer that resulted from the pandemic are here to stay. The already growing digital shift in B2B communication was intensified by the corona lockdowns and, since more and more buyers and sellers indicate that they prefer this type of interaction, it will not slow down. As a result, B2B companies have to modify the way they market their brand, sell their products, and keep consumers engaged.

Consumers go online to search for the product or service that they need. A fast journey to the most recent information about the products that can help them, provided in a mobile-friendly way, is what consumers expect from a brand’s website. At Vintage, we build public websites that offer the best user experience for any given target audience. We apply a customer centric approach and handle the full process to develop a new state-of-the-art website that sets your brand apart and attracts the most visibility in the market. Starting with a desk research of the website of a brand and of its competitors, we come up with a clear structure, create an appealing graphic design, compose the right images, animations and texts, develop the website, and insert the content in any required language.

And our involvement doesn’t stop with the go-live. We help our clients with content management to always keep their website up to date and provide them with regular visitor statistics reports that give an insight on the user’s behaviour. That way, we can continuously improve the website’s customer journey and experience.

SEO: a continuous effort

Having a good website is one thing, making it easy to find is even more important. Search Engine Optimisation helps your website to become – and stay – one of the top results on search engines. In the long run, SEO can boost your sales numbers. But it is not a miracle that occurs without some serious effort. Scoring well on search engines requires a long process that needs constant monitoring and updating of existing content and website features as well as adding new content on a regular basis over the course of a long period.

At Vintage, we help our clients with SEO during every step of the way, on the technical as well as on the content side. We make sure the HTML-markup is SEO-compliant, but also perform keyword analysis and metadata research. SEO is never a one-hit wonder and it does not stop once you are among the top results. Because of the always evolving consumer’s behaviour, you need to continuously maintain your SEO efforts in order to stay relevant.

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