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E-learning: part of the ‘new normal’ at school and work

February 7, 2022

Today, the new school year starts in Belgium. The current state of the corona pandemic and the vaccination grade enables students and teachers to start the term in physical classrooms with less measurements to be considered compared to last year. However, the positive experiences with online learning show that it has an added value for education programmes. Many B2B companies also recognise that online training is a great way to help their employees build knowledge anywhere, anytime, even when working at the office and face-to-face meetings are gradually returning.

Amplifier: every topic made easy to understand

E-learning is a core specialisation at Vintage. Our Amplifier training platform, developed entirely in-house, is designed to make every topic easy to understand, no matter how technical or complex. It offers companies two clearly defined benefits: Amplify your knowledge. Simplify your training.

Amplifier is easy to set up and maintain and is self-explanatory for both training managers and learners. All training content can be managed via a dedicated, user-friendly CMS. The platform supports an unlimited number of courses and can integrate any type of content, from regular text and images to (3D) animations, calculators, virtual reality tools, videos, webinars and more. (Theoretical) Online training via Amplifier can be combined perfectly with (practical) classroom training.


Amplifier is fully optimised for use on tablets and laptops and can be customised to feature a company’s logo and brand colours. It can be integrated with existing applications and tools, both visually and technically. Users can opt for the basic version of Amplifier to start with and eventually extend their system with gamification features and a dedicated school module. This caters to every student’s individual learning pace and enables teachers to monitor study progress and results via detailed reports.

Creation of training content

And there’s more! Whatever the topic or learning goal, Vintage is experienced in creating the right training content to get your information across and motivate learners to continue studying. As an example, we have developed animations to explain the working of a car’s engine and suspension & brake system for technical education, as well as a virtual factory to demonstrate the function and added value of certain products during a production process for the training of sales and marketing teams.

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