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Bring your products to your customers through VR and AR apps

January 3, 2022

Many B2B companies use 3D imagery as an integral part of their marketing strategy. But some are going even further, using Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies to offer customers and prospects a more in-depth experience. AR and VR apps present exciting opportunities to engage customers more fully, accelerate the sales process and differentiate your brand.

These immersive technologies have a high impact on B2B marketing communication due to their ability to transform a sales narrative into a truly personal story for the customer or prospect. Virtual Reality enables customers to walk around and explore products in a setting similar to their own factory or workplace. Augmented Reality goes a step further by integrating the product into the customer’s actual environment in real time.

Vintage’s CEO, Claudia Voss, believes that this is the most effective way to demonstrate that a product or service is the best choice for a client: “You can bring the product to your customer and allow them to view it in their building before they have even purchased it. Communication cannot be more customised than that. And your sales story is sure to create experiences that are remembered and talked about in the company.”

And there are more advantages. As part of the sales cycle, VR and AR technologies help companies to compose the product configuration with the right practical features and dimensions to fit their environment. “No communication tool can be more persuasive and it’s likely that purchase decisions are also taken faster,” Claudia Voss continues. “In some B2B businesses, offering a Virtual or Augmented Reality app gives companies a strong competitive edge. In addition, many companies use them for other purposes, such as training.”

Vintage has developed Virtual and Augmented Reality apps for several clients, including Atlas Copco, who were looking for an interactive way to showcase their newest Smart AIR Solutions. We built a Virtual Reality app as a sales support tool which could be used at fairs and events as well. Another example is the Augmented Reality app for Tennant, a multinational manufacturer of cleaning machines. They wanted to demonstrate their new T300 product at a fair, but the machine only existed in drawings and technical descriptions at that time. Vintage recreated the machine interior and exterior using 3D visualisation and developed an Augmented Reality app that enabled the booth visitors to ‘virtually’ walk around the product and explore its new features and technologies.

Tennant Augmented Reality application
Blog_Atlas Copco_VR
Atlas Copco Virtual Reality application

Claudia Voss concludes: “Taking into account their massive impact on the customer experience, their versatility and the fact that they can be easily launched globally to speed up the sales process, Virtual and Augmented Reality apps offer a very high return on investment. That’s why I believe that these technologies still have a long future ahead of them, and the best is yet to come.”

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