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Enrich your sales toolkit and empower your team with dynamic interactive brochures

May 2, 2022

Brochure creation has always been a core business activity for Vintage. Recently, as B2B buyers increasingly seek information online, we have experienced a high necessity for digital brochures and catalogues. This transformation was accelerated by the corona pandemic but had already begun long before that. In fact, we were pioneers in developing interactive brochures that are readily available on different platforms. Their numerous benefits have made them an essential in our clients’ sales toolkits.

Traditional brochure making, from creating a strip layout to writing copy and bringing all the textual and visual elements together in a clear and attractive design, is something we still do every day. Twenty years ago, the standard output would have been a pallet of boxes filled with printed brochures ready to be transported worldwide. Today, the potential reach is even higher! Vintage was at the forefront of migrating this element of B2B marketing communication to digital formats which offer wider exposure to our clients’ target audiences.

New demands, new possibilities

For us, this digital shift means much more than just making information available online. We apply extensive in-house capabilities to continually enrich our client’s brochures with interactive methods of presenting information. That means creating brochures that contain videos, 3D animations, 360° rotating product views and configurators. Whatever the format or method, the goal is the same: to make it easy for B2B customers to find the product or service that best meets their needs.

We also provide our client’s salespeople with tools enabling them to compose brochures that are tailored for their customers, based on predefined templates and centralised product information. Clear selection options are offered from the start, allowing readers and sales teams to customise the data for a specific target group. B2B companies, particularly those selling internationally, are continuously seeking new ways to meet the fast-growing demand for customised information while ensuring that their product data is up to date and consistent across different environments.

One brochure, multiple platforms and audiences

Fast and accurate communication is vital in a world where time is of the essence. Our interactive brochures are dynamic and engaging and are designed to both simplify and enrich the user experience. They also come with a user-friendly content management system in which information can be updated at any time and translated into a range of languages.

Digital brochures are one of the most cost-efficient and powerful elements in the contemporary B2B communication toolkit. They can be provided immediately to your target audience, wherever they are, with no logistical or transport requirements. And they can also be integrated with your internal and external websites as well as numerous sales platforms, including Showpad.

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