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Engage your customers and offer customised information with a state-of-the-art configurator

June 6, 2022

As B2B customers increasingly search for products and services online, there is a simultaneous need for customised communication that helps them identify the right solution for their specific requirements. We are highly experienced in developing advanced product configurators that add significant value to the B2B sales process and help our clients stay a step ahead of their competitors.

Thick printed catalogues listing all the options and specifications for every product are no longer the norm in B2B sales. As physical sales meetings have gradually been replaced by online searches, at least in the initial stages of the decision-making process, there is a growing need for tailored approaches to digital communication. During the corona pandemic, product configurators proved to be a particularly successful alternative due to their customer-centric approach.

A configurator enables customers to compose their preferred solution by making changes, selecting attributes, or adding options to a basic product model. At the end of the process, they can view their tailor-made solution, ensuring that the dimensions, performance and features are right for its intended environment and application. As well as giving the customer greater involvement in the ‘design’ and selection process, configurators accelerate sales by allowing purchasers to define their needs before getting in touch with a salesperson.

A product configurator is also a useful training tool for sales teams. It offers a simple and convenient way to learn the specifications and module compatibility of a product. Mistakes are avoided, even with the most complex products, as the full option and part configuration is predefined and centrally managed. This gives sales reps greater confidence and allows them to focus fully on the customer’s requirements and preferences.

Photorealistic and intuitive

Vintage Productions was one of the first agencies to introduce product configurators into the B2B business. “We developed our first configurator around the time when we started to invest in 3D modelling,” says CEO Claudia Voss. “I am very proud of the way our expertise has evolved since then. Our most recent configurators are real flagships in our portfolio.”

Vintage’s configurators are completely designed around the customer journey. The 3D elements are photorealistic, the interface is user-friendly and intuitive, the parts information and product specifications are clearly presented at every stage, and the selection process ends with a downloadable document of the configuration, which the customer can share and request by email. “Our configurators can be used as standalone applications or can be integrated in an interactive brochure, website or any other platform,” Claudia Voss continues. “And where the data and part configuration initially had to be inserted manually, our configurators now pull the latest options, information and images automatically and directly from the client’s product database. So they are always up to date!”

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