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Save time and grow your business with a custom workflow application

July 4, 2022

As well as sales support tools for numerous platforms, Vintage develops facilitating applications that provide a consistent internal service for our clients. All our applications are custom developed in-house and compatible with other systems already in use. By enabling our clients to streamline their workflows, these applications ultimately save them both time and costs.

Any B2B company working on a global scale needs to have a system in place that facilitates a uniform, efficient workflow worldwide. Such systems heighten employee productivity, enhance transparency in the workplace and make it easy to track the progress of a project at any time. By eliminating time-consuming tasks, they also free up staff to focus on the most important aspects of their work, including optimum customer service, which further enhances business growth.

At Vintage, we are highly experienced in developing customised business-critical applications that match our clients’ specific requirements to achieve smooth-running, efficient workflows. Our portfolio includes a long list of applications built for:

  • Lead capturing
  • Customer management
  • Product presentation
  • Product purchasing and ordering
  • Reward programmes
  • Sales figure registration
  • E-learning
  • Training certifications and promotion
  • Distribution of marketing material
  • Product information centralisation
  • Brochure composition
  • Online project flow and follow-up

Many of our clients are already using automation solutions such as Salesforce and Pardot, or product management tools.  Rather than making their systems more complex, we specialise in developing applications that can be fully integrated with the existing platform. We streamline workflows by capturing existing data and reusing it in a comprehensive, logical set-up. This creates a double win for our clients: they can continue working with the systems they already know while also benefitting from a custom tool that unifies and accelerates their workflow.

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