TK Elevator digital brochures

Top-level interactive communication


Raising the benchmark with a digital-first approach

TK Elevator wanted to enhance its sales toolkit with a digital-first approach including dynamic, interactive brochures. Vintage proposed an efficient and cost-effective platform allowing the company to create and manage its own digital and print-ready product brochures.

The challenge

To provide a user-friendly way enabling TK Elevator’s marketing and product management teams to create, maintain, translate and distribute product brochures. The brochures would be published digitally first but could also be generated as a print-ready PDF.

The approach

Vintage developed a self-explanatory content management system making it simple for users to compose interactive product brochures. The brochures can be previewed and updated from the CMS and the content is flexibly translated via a direct link to a translation agency’s system. The final output in all languages can be pushed to TK Elevator’s public website and Showpad channels. With a single click, users can also generate a printable PDF displaying the same high resolution and quality as a brochure created using graphic design software.

Digtal Brochure Creator

Single source,
multiple output


Flexible content blocks:
Freedom within a framework

The system gives users the freedom to compose brochure pages by choosing from a predefined set of content blocks. These include dedicated blocks for the headline, introduction, features and benefits, applications, industries and markets, and functional and design options. There are also content blocks to accommodate tables for technical specifications and dimensions, including filters for easy searching. Another block is included to display a 360° rotating product view created in 3D, highlighting the most important parts. A new and easy way of working: all the user needs to do is select the relevant content blocks and fill in the required content.

The marketing team and product managers can focus fully on the content, while the graphic design output is pre-programmed to ensure compliance with TK Elevator’s corporate identity guidelines. This strengthens the brand by ensuring that the corporate style is automatically implemented.