TK Elevator cityscape app

Feel like Superman yet?


Fly through a virtual city for an unforgettable experience

TK Elevator is one of the world’s leading elevator companies with a wide range of products, applicable to various markets, leading to a lot of product content. TKE was looking for a way to centralise this content for salespeople in an interactive tool.

The challenge

To create a tool that gives TKE’s sales conversations a visually attractive backbone with a clean structure and high interactivity, while encompassing a wide range of products and markets and being easy to maintain.

The approach

The Cityscape app brings an attractive overview of the wide range of TK Elevator’s products and solutions. Travelling through a City environment, created in 3D, salespeople can easily guide customers and prospects through markets and products as if they were doing so in real life. The app is available via Showpad, allowing salespeople to send product brochures and other relevant content – which is all managed centrally by TKE – directly from the app.


Send information directly from the app


Interactivity powered by 3D

It’s not just the journey towards product information that contains 3D imagery. The product detail pages themselves contain 360° rotating views of TKE’s products, highlighting the main benefits, next to more traditional information such as datasheets, specs, images, movies, etc.

This type of digital sales tool is the road to the future, but you don’t have to take our word for it:

“The app brings an outstanding impression! Our colleagues are very enthusiastic. The more relevant content our sales reps have, the better prepared they are to approach prospects, build trust, and eventually close a deal.”


Senior Manager Digital Sales Enablement for the European market at TK Elevator