Hyundai Construction Equipment communication concept

Powerful communication for powerful machines


The Hyundai Effect: small efforts can move mountains

Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe (HCEE) is a leading company on the European market and has the ambition to become a top-5 player worldwide. We helped the company develop a completely new communication approach to achieve this goal.

The challenge

To create an integrated and meaningful communication approach that enables HCEE to stand out and be perceived as a strong, international brand.

The approach

We all know the butterfly effect: a tiny cause, like the flapping of a butterfly’s wings, can have great consequences, like a tornado. In it, we recognised a wonderful metaphor for the HCEE machinery: “The Hyundai Effect”. For any operator using Hyundai machines, the experience is like entering a world of power and precision where the tiniest effort can move mountains.

Recognisable look and feel, powerful imagery

Underneath the umbrella of The Hyundai Effect a complete communication mix was created in which the product and the operator are the heroes of the story. Instead of focusing only on specifications, we shifted towards a more benefit-oriented way of communicating. This resulted in a recognisable look and feel that was consistently applied throughout powerful imagery, animations, and evergreen content that tells the story right.


the product and the operator are the heroes

Case_The Hyundai Effect_4