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Lights, camera… action! Get the right images for your campaign with a professional photoshoot.

September 5, 2022

A company or product branding campaign isn’t complete without the right visual. But how do you get it? Searching for an image in royalty-free databases might be a fast and easy solution, but it is unlikely to return the exact images you need. A well-organised photo or video shoot leads to better results – and we are here to help you get that shot that tells your story!


When a branding idea or campaign concept is taking shape, associating a visual that conveys the message is always part of the process. To ensure that the imagery matches the theme, we often organise photoshoots for our clients. Check out some examples for Firestone Building Products <link to case> and Bobcat <link to case>. We work with professional photographers and take care of every step in the process: preparation of the shot list, location hunting, model selection, acquiring the necessary props and accessories, and post-production.


Videos are a very effective way of creating awareness about a new product, and they work well on the web and social media. A recent Vintage project, created for AGC Glass Europe to promote their Clara window, was a testimonial recorded in Namur (Belgium). In collaboration with the customer, we created a storyboard – in this case consisting of interview questions – and guided the shoot on location. In post-production, we integrated the footage in an attractive promotional video <link to video> for publication on AGC’s communication channels.

Spice it up with 3D

If a campaign also needs technical product shots, we virtualise these products in 3D. This avoids the hassle of having to transport (sometimes big) machines to a studio and takes away practical restrictions when products must be shot in, for instance, a factory. Virtualising products in 3D is a cost-efficient solution which also enables customers to have an unlimited number of product shots from all angles and views. The product can even be set in a series of different environments to target specific markets.

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