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Stand out online, generate leads and improve your search rankings with a tailor-made video

December 4, 2023

At Vintage Productions, we specialise in presenting any subject or service in a tangible and appealing way. Videos are one of the most successful ways to do this. Our team of experienced 3D artists has skills to the create the ‘wow factor’ you want for videos that generate leads, drive conversions and push your brand up the search rankings.


Videos are an integral part of most B2B communication mixes, with some companies even ranking it above their public website as a way of achieving their targets. The success of videos may be down to their versatility: they serve multiple purposes, from empowering sales teams and helping businesses grow to engaging social media audiences. They also support sales directly by giving customers and prospects access to product demonstrations, testimonials and webinars that help with the decision-making process.


This means that video can be used throughout the entire B2B sales process to drive conversions, generate leads and retain customers. Once users have started engaging with a brand, videos are an attractive way to share more details about products and services. A well-made video grabs the attention of executives and other high-ranking decision makers and helps your company stand out from the pile of messages they receive every day.


Multi-channel branding

With the growth of social media and other video-friendly online and mobile platforms, B2B brands are increasingly taking advantage of videos and animations as an effective, cost-efficient way to tell their sales story on multiple channels. They have high stopping power on social media and serve as a call to action, driving traffic to the company website. Videos also appear frequently in search engine results, often near the top of the page. Adding video to a website homepage, as well as to landing pages and product pages, increases the average time visitors spend on the page and encourages them to return. It is also a great complement to the rest of your marketing efforts and builds trust, especially if it allows customers to see the people behind the brand or get an inside glimpse of the business operation.


Making the complex simple

The fact is that many people absorb information much more easily by watching a video than by reading. Video content has the power to make difficult concepts more accessible and communicate a message clearly in a memorable way. It’s no surprise, therefore, that Vintage has always made video creation one of the core activities in its mission of ‘making the complex simple’. We pioneered with the development of 3D animations for B2B marketing and our designers and 3D artists have the creative talent and expertise to compose the right storyboard for any topic. With skills ranging from video shooting to the creation of photorealistic 3D and cartoon animations, they excel in telling your story in the most impactful way. The final touch is a well-chosen soundtrack for a state-of-the-art tool that provides a thrilling experience and keeps our clients ahead of a growing trend.

Ready to enhance your online presence and highlight your products with an attention-grabbing video or animation?